Fitness Update: Race Delay

For those of you who paid attention to the other posts on the blog this week, you know that Kansas City was all set for the worst ice storm of the decade. While we did get ice, and are getting a long period of light rain now, the ice storm itself was underwhelming (though did warrant care in travel, or limiting travel).

What it did for the fitness plans is postpone the first race in the Progress Series. The PR Mile race, scheduled for Saturday, was delayed to this Saturday Jan. 21.

Which may be just as well. I haven’t had a chance to do much running in the past month with the hand in a splint. The splint doesn’t really prevent me from running,  but it does alter so many things that finding time to run becomes more difficult. That and the current weather has curtailed my outdoor running schedule.

In anticipation of the race I did run twice this past week. I did a mile on the treadmill at work on Wednesday at a pace of 7:30 or 8 mph. The on Thursday I did the same pace for a mile, and then ran another 2.1 miles to complete a 5K distance, but slowed down the second two miles as part of my cool-down routine.

I got several miles on the bicycle as well. No swimming yet, of course.

The other issue I have is with Google Sheets, where I track my results. Yesterday I suddenly couldn’t edit any of my sheets. I’m not sure why I can’t. I’ve done a full reboot of the computer, but the issue persists. My wife can edit sheets from her computer on her account, so I not sure what the problem is, or where to reach out to resolution. I  might have to start tracking it on a spreadsheet on my computer, instead of in the cloud.


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