Fitness Update: calorie counting

This past week was good on running, 2 5K distances outside and a quantity of cycling miles. I managed to not get up early to go swimming any day yet — my sleep is still short — but I need to rectify the swimming gap sometime soon.

But what I do want to talk about this week is the food and calorie portion of my tracking.I usually don’t talk about those, because I don’t always track them. But for a particular 4-week fitness program they were encouraging the tracking, so I went back and got active on the MyFitnessPal tracker.

The program was expecting the FitBit exercise data to flow into the MyFitness Pal account when I linked the apps, but that didn’t happen. But last week I finally found the right settings at the FitBit app side to get the calorie data from MyFitness Pal to feed into the FitBit app.

And that is where I have my little pique. FitBit seems to track my activity as using less calories for the same activity as the MisFit. I keep on eating what feels right to me, and it keeps on telling my I am over my calorie budget. But I’m not gaining weight. So I think the FitBit is underestimating something, whether the activity or my metabolism, I do not know.

I’m not way off budget; it is close. Yet still it doesn’t seem quite right. So when I see the output I make my own mental adjustments and go ahead doing what works for me.It is a good guide: As long as I seem to be the same interval off from what it expects, I must be in good shape.

The one thing the calorie tracking does help me see is how much of what categories I am getting. I tend to be low on the protein portion, which is odd, since one of my mental efforts is to stress protein and vegetables, and de-emphasize carbs.

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