Fitness Update: Race Training

Last week I reported on my 5K. Well, four weeks from the 5K is the 10K. So I need to be training for the 10K and on to the half marathon six weeks later. That requires a training regimen. So I got the wellness center at work to design me the below schedule:








Wed Thurs Fri


Sat Sun


Feb 13 2 m XT 3 m 4 x 400M XT 4 m off
Feb 20 3 m XT 3 m 8 x 400M XT 5 m off
Feb 27 3 m XT 4 m 8 x 400M XT 6 m off
Mar 6 3 m XT 4 m 4 m XT rest RACE
Mar 13 3 m XT 4 m XT XT 7 m off
Mar 20 4 m XT 4 m 5 m XT 8 m off
Mar 27 4 m XT 5 m 5 m XT 9 m off
Apr 3 4 m XT 6 m 5 m XT 10 m off
Apr 10 4 m XT 6 m 5 m XT 11 m off
Apr 17 3 m XT 5 m 4 m XT rest RACE

I got into the schedule this weekend with a 4.4 mile run for the 4 mile run listed.I don’t usually have an issue with running the distance. It is staying on task for the running drills that I have an issue with: I don’t have an excessive sprint mode.  Fortunately, I only have two mroe sprint weeks left.

On other issues, I haven’t gotten to swimming yet, but the local warm weather has allowed for enough biking to finish the month’s quota and get ahead already: up to 539 miles — 39 miles into March already.

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