Fitness Update: Sickness interruptus

In my previous fitness updated I discussed the workup schedule I have for the upcoming 10K and half-marathon races. In today’s post I am going to mention a factor that goofs up the schedule: sickness.

In this past week I developed a cough that started on Wednesday, got worse on Thursday, seemed a little better on Friday. I had gotten my first run of the week in on Tuesday, 3.4 miles, before the cough started. So I waited until Saturday afternoon when the weather was 40 to do my long run of the week: 5.4 miles. I paced it at a solid 6 mph.

I had hoped to pace something above 6.5 — closer to 7 — but as I said to the wife, for these next two races I am less concerned with the speed than just going the distance. I knew I was a little undercharged, so I just wanted to find a pace where I could complete without totally wearing myself out.

So I was somewhat shocked on Sunday afternoon when I had developed a fever. Both the wife and I went into the evening with 100.6 temperatures. So today was taking a sick day from work and heading to the doctor.

The doctor confirmed that the cough was probably started by a virus, and that it had settled somewhat into my chest. It probably isn’t the flu — we had our shots — and besides, the flu usually hits right up front, not sliding in this way. So he put us both on an antibiotic pack, with the diagnosis that there is probably a secondary infection taking advantage of the weakness created by the viral infection. For while antibiotics won’t affect viruses, they should take care of any secondary bacteriological infections.

So, with all this happening just 2 weeks prior to race time, how do I keep to my training schedule, or how do I modify to allow me recovery time, and yet also get the distance endurance I will need for the 10K race coming up?

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