What kind of tramp is Trump?

Back on March 10, 2016, just over a year ago, I wrote this post about now President Trump and why I didn’t trust him and wouldn’t vote for him.

I still stand by those comments, and about the way his wealth enabled him to get away with behavior that a poor man could never get away with. I still have distrust of that type of use/abuse of wealth and power, the same skepticism that G.K. Chesterton expressed. I don’t have a concern about wealth itself, just its abuse.

But I am willing to state today that I am cautiously optimistic about President Trump since I have seen him take office. He has shown more savvy, so far, than I expected of him, though it still is to be seen how the businessman will fare in the world of the politicians: who will be devoured by whom.

Yet while I am cautiously more optimistic than I would be about the direction we would be going in than if we had another President Clinton, I am still not doting on Trump as the darling of conservatives, as many people seem to. Many people seem intent on finding some leader to put their trust in, instead of realizing that we are the leaders and they the public servants, and we shouldn’t be any politicians sycophant.

Why am I optimistic, and why am I cautious? I am optimistic because the opposition continues to hold Trump to the fire. Are they not smart enough to see that if they eased up on him, it would give him the chance to show how Democratic he still is. But every time they vilify him it only holds him to the course he declared in the campaign. Even to being the best option for the Pro-Life movement — finally calling Planned Parenthood to responsibility.

Why am I cautious? Because his brand of conservatism isn’t mine. It turns the course away from the “Liberal” trend we have been on, but it doesn’t really eliminate the big government with big solutions mentality that keep increasing the size of government. True, he is cutting and gutting a lot of the burdensome regulations. But has anyone noticed the parade that continues to go through the oval office. Big CEOs of various industries marching through to show their ideas and support, of jobs, of infrastructure, of being good Americans to make America Great Again. It is all so Mussolini: the cooperation of big business and big government. Yes, it will certainly improve many things; the trains (or whatever is our modern equivalent) will start running on time. But the shrinking of government, and the increasing of freedom for everyone, particularly the individual and the small businessman, that isn’t in the cards.

Yet once we start back from the old route, the chance to really make it to a true libertarian, true constitutional sense of our freedoms again, becomes more possible. thus my cautious optimism. There are still many things that could go wrong, so many ways the course could be turned back. But just the fact that so much resistance has emerged to the old course, is itself a sign for hope. Any attempt to turn back will see the same resistance that brough Trump to power.

We will see how much of my caution, and how much of my optimism, were warranted, as we watche events progress through the next 4 years.

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