Toontown Revisited

I think it has been over a year since I played Toontown Rewritten.

At one point I was playing it 4 hours a weekend; 2 hours each on a Saturday and Sunday. It was the relaxation reward I was giving myself. But then life got busy again and I didn’t have the time to give myself that break.

It wasn’t until I finished my most recent class that I finally got back online this past Saturday. I was amazed that I remembered my login credentials.

I also was amazed how easy it was to join back in. Just walk down a street and see some other toons engaging cogs, and join them. That is one of the easy and fun things about Toontown: it isn’t a linear goal game.  You can cycle through as many things as you want, but it is more social and convivial, if you choose. Or you can just move into and out of groups of toons without having to say anything, just helping here and there (and receiving help) as the game moves along. It encourages interaction and help.

You can also drop into it easily, or drop out for long times as I have.

I haven’t advanced enough to get involved again in the Cold Callers Guild, but I have heard that that organization has restarted itself in the Rewritten version. There are several larger objectives of the game, that work best with 8 toons at a time. It is hard to find a circle of 7 other friends at any particular time, so a group devised some rules where they get together at certain times, and certain places, and whoever is there just goes in together to work together. It is amazing how a few simple agreed upon rules by a bunch of people can lead to great game success. And it is by not trying to do your best for yourself, but for the group. A very simple rule, but you succeed by helping others succeed.  One of the reasons I love Toontoon, despite the occasional jerks you see there.

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