Sound and fury

I had this thought while roaming into the breakroom at work. The business news is always droning on the TV.  All you can really see are the headlines, which don’t say much, and the volume isn’t where you can really listen to the patter.

But the pattern seems to be one of sound and fury. Always something breaking news, until everything sinks into the background.

But many of the stories by his opposition really have no content, no purpose, but to create sound and fury, confusion, distraction; to take the discourse and focus off the agenda, whatever that might be.

I have wondered if all the sound is from his opposition, or if some of it is planted from his side, to distract one side or the other from its purpose, or to hide the true purpose of one side as it moves toward more subversive goals.

The other thought I have had, is that most of the progressive agenda has become the mere creation of sound, distraction, the perspective of doing something while doing nothing.  The protests of today don’t have the focus, the purpose, or the determination and goals, of the 60s. This may be the reason  for that.

The protesters today keep on acting like they are making an impact, when they aren’t doing anything except being the shield for others and the machinations.

All the sound and fury: does it signify anything?

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