Standing Desk: I am Autonomous

Today’s post is a quick, mostly pictorial one.  It features one of my most recent purchases: An adjustable height desk.

My company has a different brand of adjustable desks at work, and I probably spend about half my time standing and half sitting during a regular work day. Since I have the option to work from home half the time, I usually do, and so I actually sit more when working from home than at work. When one of my coworkers mentioned buying an adjustable desk for when he worked from home, I had to look into it. Took me several months, but I finally go the link from him, and looked into it, and finally bought the desk you will see in this post.

Unlike the desks at work, which adjust with a manual switch, the desk by Autonomous has a motor that moves it up and down. Per the pictures you will see of the control, its lowest height is 27.9 inches, and its highest is 46.8 inches. I currently have got it set for 42.1 inches as my standard standing working height.

I bought the ergonomic style desk, with a curve on the center of the side where I sit. I think it makes it easier for me to get close to my work, as well as to get in and out of the desk with the arrangement of the room where it sits.

The first picture below shows the desk set up in its spot, adjusted for the lowest height setting. That seems to by my preference for seated height.

The desk at its lowest height

To adjust the desk, you can press the up or down arrow on the control, or press one of the 4 preset buttons. You get to program the presets to heights of your choice. I have set 1 for lowest, 4 for highest, and 3 for my preferred standing height. If I use 2, it will be for some height in the middle that I have a reason to want.

Enter a caption

The control mechanism. Note it is currently at the lowest height. The down and up arrows allow for variable adjustment. The preset numbers allow instant movement to a specific height. The “M” button allows you to set the presets.

Here the desk is enroute to a new height.
The desk is now at my regular standing height.
The desk is at its highest setting.

I am enjoying the desk so far, but haven’t had it long enough to see how much I will enjoy it on a permament basis.  Based on my experience at the office, I expect a positive experience. That said, I may write something in the futuer with additional observations.

Desk at preferred standing height.
Desk at top height.

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