Fitness Update: Weekly Log

This week I am going to do some day-to-day entries showing how I worked out after my 10K race:

Monday — Barely made my 10,000 steps today. Was intending to get up and go to the pool for the first time in months, but the cold and wind deterred me, so instead I biked into work and did a cardio/flexibility/weight routine for 20 minutes. Biked home from work for 12 miles total daily cycling. Daily steps just over 10K.

Tuesday — Got up early and ran a 5K in the 26-degree weather. Just one degree colder than Saturday’s race, but quite a bit darker. Got in overk 6K steps. Then biked into work for the same cardio/flexibility/weight routine as Monday. Biked home from work for 12 miles total daily cycling. Daily steps just under 17K.

Wednesday — Felt worn this morning, so didn’t do anything special. Took the day off. Only the 12 miles of cycling to and from work. Managed to get in my 10,000 steps by the end of the day.

Thursday — Felt good getting up for this morning’s run. Didn’t have motivation issues getting started.  Of course, I did start three times.  Went out the door and realized I’d put on the wrong shoes. Came back and put on the running shoes. Went back out the door and realized I’d forgotten the sweat band. Came back in for it.  Went out and did the run. Weather 34 degrees instead of the 26 from Tuesday. Could tell the difference right away. Not merely that it was warmer, but trending so. I could feel the warming pattern of a weather system blowing into the area, even without feeling any wind. Got in another 6K steps before the bike trip to work, but no workout when I got to work.biking home for 12 mile daily cycling. Just over 18K steps.

Friday — Today was another resting day. I got up a bit early and took a slightly longer bike ride into work. By the time I got off work it was almost 70 degrees, and I took a slightly longer leisurely  route home.  It was very pleasant, except for the wind that seem to be ever-present on the parts of the route north of the river.  Ended up with almost 20 miles instead of 12 for the day. Just under 11K steps.

Saturday — The rest on Friday was  because of the planned long run of 8 miles.  I went down to the river dike where much of the route will be to practice on the gravel part of the route there.  I haven’t run on anything but payment, so need some practice on all the running surfaces I will face. The gravel run wasn’t bad, but I felt a rest to my ankles when I transferred to the asphalt section of the trail. So it is good to practice on the changing surfaces. I also noted the signs on the trail heads indicated that the trail was longer than MapMyWalk gave me (MapMyWalk had the entire trail on its map, but refused to follow about half of the trail, so I had to manually do it, which probably caused the problem). I figured out when I got back that it was actually 8.4 miles. My pace was down to 6.3 mph, but I felt even slower than that, so it was good. I’ll put it down to gravel adopting. But I felt I could go on after I got done. The run gave me 16K steps itself, and the 20 mile bike trip there and back added another 4K apparently. Over 23K steps for the day

Sunday — Another day of rest. In fact, all the effort from Saturday seemed to make the evening an early one, with sleeping from 9 p.m. to almost 9 a.m. After church and a nap, I took a “leisurely” bike ride, doing a loop around area trails. With the 80s weather I took a leisure course, stopped around the trails on a bench now and then to rest and watch the walkers and bikers going by. On my last stop I actually stretched out by a fountain and think I took an unintended nap, before awaking and returning home. Just over 11K steps.





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