Easter Video Montage

Today I decided to mix up the usual Sunday hymn feature, with a video montage of some Interesting Easter music videos. So, I am starting with a couple, and we’ll see how many more come up during the day to be added.

The first, from Veggie Tale’s is a favorite. The second, by Dolly Parton, a high school friend posted as a wow on Facebook. I think Dolly does a great job, but it isn’t a wow to me, yet deserves a spot here.

Hope’s Song from Veggie Tale’s An Easter Carol

Dolly Parton’s He’s Alive

Glad’s Easter Song

Sandi Patti and Larnelle Harris duet I’ve Just Seen Jesus

First 2013

and the 1989 version

I’d say both singers have matured vocally quite well, though there was a little more interpretive phrasing in the latter (not necessarily an improvement).

And for something more contemplative, Michael Card on Scribbling in the Sand singing Love Crucified Arose.

The singing is live, but not the video.


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