A Blast of the Past #93: India, Part 4

I spent two weeks in India, which means I had one weekend between them — one free weekend. So I flew halfway across the country from Mumbai to Bangalore. Why? Because I had friends there.

When I met Kumar and Shanthi, they lived in my hometown, Corning, NY, working for Corning, INC. They also led the singles’ group at North Baptist Church.

Now, 15 years later, they were back in their home country, though not home state, living and working in Bangalore. So I flew to visit them.

I got to see them and their 5 kids.

The trip to Bangalore gave me a broader appreciation of India, of the vibrant, secular democracy, and religious freedom, despite the great breadth of languages and religious affiliations. They learned well from the British, but adapted it their own way.

While riding around the streets in my friend’s van, I saw a lot of interesting cultural life.

I saw vehicles of all sorts, a wedding party coming out a temple, buildings in various stage of construction. We looked in various stores for items and sampled various restaurants and fast food places. We looked at authentic tea shops, and governmental buildings.



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