A day in the life … but not just any day

Today’s post will be snippets of my life from yesterday day, with thoughts and observations therefrom. It was my 51st birthday.

Yesterday began with a trip to our “local” IKEA store in Merriam, KS. My wife and I arrived prior to the 9:30 a.m. opening of the store. The sliding doors to the store weren’t activated yet, and they were still locked.

We went to the Cafe for breakfast. IKEA has their cheap breakfast for $1 that we both usually get, but since it was my birthday I splurged a whole extra dollar and got the Swedish-American breakfast for $2. The crepes and the ligonberry jelly were a special treat, but not something I think I need to get every time I go to IKEA.

We did our usual wandering through the display floor, and discussed a lot of ideas from their small house models for the intended renovations of our our house “when we have money”. It is always funny how much fun there can be in envisioning potential futures for our house.

The one thing we did look to purchase was a light fixture for the son’s room. We looked at a lot of fancy fixtures, and then found a simple fixture that seemed nice — but we couldn’t figure out where the bulb screwed into it, and couldn’t find any of the GX53 bulbs that it said it took. So eventually we found an even simpler model that used regular screw-in bulbs.

From IKEA it was to the Wellness Center at work for Yoga Class. It was a day off work, but it was also the first day for the new Yoga Instructor, and I am glad I went to class: I learned at least one new thing — that will probably take me a few months to actually do right, of course.

From that it was on to lunch at 54th St. Grill. We had a $10 off coupon for a bill of at least $25. So we went by the prices on the menu and added up a nice lunch that added up to $25.08. But when the bill came out, it was $24.71. One of the items was a different price. Yet they took the coupon.

The day ended with a visit to the chiropractor, who adjusted another tense muscle throwing off my left leg, and then off to Festival Foods for supper — picking up their Monday chicken dinner specials.

I almost forgot the crowning event of the birthday: the cake baked by my daughter, presented with lighted candles. The candles were reused ones from years of birthdays — They got their final use, Monday, for my 51st cake.


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