A Look Ahead …

Starting yesterday, Worlds of Fun is open daily through the middle of August (excluding Sunday, May 21 — when someone must have bought out the whole park for a private event). So you can attend the park today and the rest of the week.

But a warning: my daughter and I went over around 11:30 a.m. for lunch, and while C lot was less than half full, the park was full from all the school buses that unloaded groups of students. Every food line was out its crowd control gates. When we went back around 4:30 p.m. there were no lines, though lots of kids assembling to head home. So you can head to the park today (Thursday) but I’ll guess there will be a lot of school kids there, with lines throughout the day.

This weekend is the final of three weekends for the Worlds of Fun BBQ & Brew Festival. Having participated in it during its second weekend, I found it more active, and chaotic, than our experience last year, but well worth the participation — for the food — forget the brew.

Last year’s festival took place in the same space in Americana, but under white vendor tents. This year they have movable booths. While smaller, the booths do seem to crowd the space more that the tents did, make it feel a little smaller. The Worlds of Fun staff should look at how they are arranged next year to give everything a more free and open feeling.

But that is a review comment, and this is supposed to be a newsy post.

This Saturday also has other events I will be attending.

The first being the Men’s Breakfast of the Cornerstone Wesleyan Church, starting at 8 a.m. at Golden Corral, Kansas City North, 8800 NW Skyview Ave, Kansas City, MO 64154. This time of fellowship is a welcome and refreshing event for me and my son every month.

Then right after that we have the Avondale United Methodist Church Book Club meeting at 10 a.m. at the AUM Church, 3100 Winn Road, Kansas City, MO 64117. This month’s book is Eighty Days by Matthew Goodman. It tells the story of two Women American Reporters to did in actuality what Jules Verne wrote in fiction, going around the world in 80 days — but in different directions. Which one will win?

Sunday of course is Mother’s Day. Let me recommend that you choose to do something for your mother, and the other mother’s in your life, that is meaningful to her, and not something merely suggested by the commercialized media. Some need a lot of people, others need more privacy and quiet. So put some thought into it, and make it simple, elegant, and meaningful.

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