A Blast of the Past #99: Geauga Lake

One of our favorite finds was Geauga Lake’s Wildwater Kingdom Park.

Apparently Six Flags once owned an amusement park and water park at Geauga Lake, but ended up selling it to Cedar Fair, which kept the water park open but closed the amusement park, my assumption being that it was too close to Cedar Point and they didn’t want two of their parks to compete with each other.

We ended up going to Geauga Lake twice, this trip in 2008 being the first time. Sometime in the early teens of this century, Cedar Fair finally closed the water park, so we won’t be able to go back now.

Both times we went we got a cabana. I’m trying to remember how the discounts worked with the season passes, but it was a whole lot better than the discounts at Oceans of Fun here it Kansas City.

It was great having a cabana, and our own personal waiter or waitress to take our lunch order and bring us our food. And the various wave pools and slides were a lot of fun.


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