A Blast of the Past #100: Ohio Reunion

Today’s post is a milestone of pictures. Been reflecting back through pictures for quite awhile to get to 100. So it seems appropriate that this milestone should feature something as important as a meeting of two Lightfoot branches. In the summer of 2008 the New York and Missouri branches met in Ohio. We stayed in a trailer/cabin on a campground resort down some rural trails off of I-71 between Cleveland and Columbus.

On our one outing off the campground, we went back toward the interstate to visit a historic carousel that you can see pictures of.

Right before arriving at the campground we spent most of a day in Aurora, Ohio at the Saturn dealership, having the shifting cables in a Saturn SL replaced. And right after that I managed to lose my fanny pack. But after the camping we called the police station in the area, and they confirmed it had been found and returned. I must have put the fanny pack on the truck while fueling the car and then drove off — something I otherwise never do.

So a lot of memories on this trip.

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