Some (un)official attractions at Worlds of Fun

When I started to write this post, I intended to add a map to illustrate where the items I will talk about are located. But when I went to Google Maps I noticed that the new changes to the Worlds of Fun entrance are not on there. And the Worlds of Fun official site uses Google Maps, so they don’t have anything on their website I can find to point out the specific items I want to. So instead I will describe it in words.

If you enter the park through the new entry gates, and cross the new International Plaza, there is a bridge between the Grand Carousel and Pizzo Pizza that takes you into the Asia section of the park. If you look into a pool on the on the Viking Voyager side.

For the past few years, as we have passed over the bridge, we have taken time to pause and watch the pool. We first started watching it after one of us noticed a turtle swimming. After that, we have paused from time to time to see how many turtles are swimming.

This year, we didn’t spot any turtles to start out with, but in the past week we spotted turtles and even this past week tadpoles developing legs into frogs.

Today the effects of last night’s rain were in evidence, the pool was murky, water cloudy, and we could see more leaves and twigs had been swept into the pool. But the tadpoles were still swimming around, what few we could see.

If you go further into the park, into Asia, there is another pond in the middle of the circle formed by Panda Express, the Bamboozler, The RipCord and the CocaCola refresh station. Two years ago there were Koi fish in there you could watch and feed. Last year there were no fish. There were none this year when the season began, but when we saw fish food in the quarter coin food dispenser, we knew and expected that the fish were back. Which they are.

It isn’t just the rides, or the food. It is the ambiance of the park that makes the park experience what it is. In other places I have written about food, rides, even the use of music and sound. But today, I’m focusing on the more natural, and living portions of the park.

So, if you have a moment, between the rides, and the food, and the music, take a moment to enjoy a quieter moment, and watch the fish (official) or turtles (unofficial), part of what makes Worlds of Fun what it is.

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