Fitness Update: Swim Meet/Tug-of-War

This past week I didn’t have any specific fitness activities: swimming, running, cycling — that was part of my previous planned regimen.

I took vacation for the Kansas City Corporate Challenge Swim meet. I cycled up to the Gladstone community center each evening, and came back afterwards — 11 miles round trip. I swam very little at the swim meet. Nothing worth putting on my tracker.

Swim meets are all about sitting around for a long time, and then swimming for a minute or less in your event. From the physical exertion perspective, it takes a lot less time and effort than most of the other events in the Corporate Challenge, running, cycling, etc.

So I was able to log bicycle miles.

On Saturday morning the KCCC had its tug-of-war competition. I was on my company’s team. It was held out at the Longview Lake Swim Beach. Durning my second pull I found turtle eggs in the hole I was using to anchor myself. To preserve the remaining eggs they moved all pulls from that rope to another one.

Tug-of-war is another event that doesn’t take a lot of time.  Both our pulls were less that 15 seconds.  A full tug is only a minute, and then they decide which side moved the most.

So I didn’t do any running.

But I did add some “leisure” swimming at Oceans of Fun. On Sunday, after everything was done, I did three laps of the Caribbean Cooler for 800 yards of qualified swimming.


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