Fitness Update: Avoiding Con Crud

Today’s fitness post is late, because it has been a busy week, and I haven’t been working as far ahead as I sometimes do.

It Is also later because I haven’t have many of the regular fitness items to report for this post. Swimming, cycling and running have been fairly absent from the week’s activities.

This week has been a travel week. How does one keep fitness while driving hundreds of miles? I know some insist on the getting up early and getting the run in. Not happening here on a family trip of this type. Or at least not yet.

This trip has also involved the LibertyCon science fiction/fantasy convention this past weekend. That was a lot of sitting around, and the con room with refreshments had a lot of sweet and salty high carb snacks that made a good diet hard to maintain.

Also, there is a lot of interrupted sleep schedules and late partying and drinking (none of the drinking from my end) that is often a threat to people’s health. Many leave conventions and catch “con crud”. So how do you stay healthy, and avoid “con crud”?

Well, sleep is an important thing. Since I/we aren’t big partiers, we got more sleep than most.

Also eating well. We partook of all the sugary snacks we wanted, but I also concentrated on getting any protein options that were available, and ate quite a bit of lettuce salads to keep the roughage intake going.

And then there was the exercise. Our hotel reservations got booted to the Marriott half a mile away. I asked beforehand what the neighborhood was like for walking. Everyone insisted the shuttles were so frequent you would always want to take them. Instead we walked over half of the trips back and forth from the convention to the hotel.

So between that, we kept healthy for the next stage of this trip, which I will discuss the fitness aspects of during next week’s post.


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