Cedar Fair Parks Tour: Michigan’s Adventure

Michigan’s Adventure was perhaps the nicest park, as a total package, to be able to go to and enjoy in one day.  Not that it had any points that were specifically better than any of the other parks, but it was put together in such an easy and enjoyable way.


But I am going to start my write-up for the park with something unique to our experience. We got into Muskegeon and checked into our motel with the intention of heading to the park for supper, only to discover that one of our platinum passes was missing. No search would find it. So we called the park and left a message about how we could resolve the missing pass issue.

Then we went to the park and those of us with passes went through security and the gate to guest relations desk, where a very helpful associate listened to our story, downloaded the Worlds of Fun Database to confirm the missing passholder’s pass, then let them into the park with the rest of.  They weren’t able to give us something with the meal-plan attached, so all of us decided what we could get for supper that we could split between all of us.


The next day we went to the park and went into the season pass and group sales area and got the season pass replaced for the $15 fee, and were in the park.  Between when we left the motel until after we got the pass replaced, we had three calls checking on us and our pass situation and how we could help.  It was a concrete example of the helpfulness of Cedar Fair employees that we found all along the trip.

And so now on to the day at Michigan’s Adventure.

The park is arranged in a squarish circle around a central lake, with the entry gate at the lower left corner. If you go along the bottom of the park there are two streets of rides that end at two large wooden coasters and the train station. If you go along the left side of the lake, you go up a street of coasters, and then past the water park entrance before turning to the right along the lake to another row of rides that end in a coaster, the Great Rapids water ride and another train station.  There is no way to walk all the way around the center lake. The two train stations  connect the right side of the park.

We started up the left side of the park, going in a clockwise direction hitting the coasters. The Big Dipper was closed so Zack’s Zoomer was our first ride, followed by the Corkscrew.  The Zoomer was an excellent start, and the Corscrew was amazing for how short it was. It didn’t send you through numerous turns, but just enough for a thrill, and then you could get on it again, or to another ride, without feeling the need of any break.

We worked our way around the circle to the Thunderhawk, caught the train and then hit the Wildcat and Shivering Timbers. We finished that side with a ride on the Mad Mouse, the premier “mouse trap” type roller coaster of our park tour, and one of the things we most remembered from our previous trip o Michigan’s Adventure.


We scattered for lunch, and then I went back to the car for the swim bags and we rendezvous at the water park where we reserved a locker, changed and did the water park rides.

Most of the water rides are within the water park area, but the river raft ride, the Grand Rapids, was outside it on the top side of the lake.  For the part of the park near the gate you need shirt, shoes and shorts, but for the top side of the lake, you can wear swimsuits and shoes. So we went up to the Grand Rapids and experienced its short but intense water rapids ride (The Grand Rapids was the second thing I remembered from our previous visit to the park and was looking forward to riding.  It did not disappoint).


Returning to the water park, we enjoyed a little more leisure before returning to street clothes, having supper, and exiting the park, a full day of enjoyment under us.

I see my description is a little shorter and more streamlined than some of my previous park descriptions. I don’t want anyone to think that means the park was less impressive. As I said at the beginning, if anything, it make one of the more memorable impressions on us, as a whole.  At the other parks one might remember a specific ride, or two, to the exclusion of all else.  Michigan’s Adventure, while memorable for the rides I specifically mentioned, was equally as memorable for the entire experience. It is a gem of a park, with a gem of a staff.


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