A Look Ahead: End of Summer?

It is still a little ways to Labor Day Weekend, when the Kansas City Renaissance Festival opens, but a week from this evening is  Media Day at the Ren Fest. That is where they try to “wine and dine” the media and other important local dignitaries. Madrigalia Bar Nonne will be there adding color, and so I will be there singing, which is why this event goes on the look ahead.

Back where I grew up, school didn’t start until after Labor Day.  But here school has already started this week. Back when I grew up the start of school indicated the end of summer. So has summer ended already? Or will it end at Labor Day? Thoughts?

Speaking of which, with the start of school, Worlds of Fun went into weekends-only mode this past week. So we haven’t been to the part since Sunday.  Below is the All-Season Meal Plan stats for the year:

Total Price Paid $497.44
Total Number of Meals 435
Total Retail $4,548.56
Average Price Per Meal $1.14
Total Drink Price 29.64
Total number of drinks 422
Total Retail $468.50
Average Price Per Drink $0.07

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