After the Winds of Change

Tuesday I started the story of the Winds of Change — the storm Saturday that blew down a tree into our deck and house.

I got as far as arriving  back at home and seeing the damage in the dusk, before packing up to go elsewhere to spend the night, since home was both powerless and partially trashed.

We spent the next two nights, with our dog, staying at the home of relatives who were out of town. It was better than powerless nights at out own home, but wasn’t perfect. Before leaving on their trip they had turned off their internet, a minor inconvenience, and the water, a larger inconvenience. Still, a warm place with power and no water where we could take the dog with us, was much better than our house with no power and the open wall.


We called our insurance company and set up to be contacted by the Adjuster on Monday, then tried to order some supper. Fortunately we were able to use an emergency mobile hotspot from freedompop to connect our computers to the internet.

I had a coupon for Domino’s Pizza. Only problem was, I had to order online, and while every other website worked, the one for Domino’s wouldn’t load anything. So I had to order over the phone, and by delivery. Which doubled the amount it cost, as well as taking an extra 30 minutes to place the order. By then we were quite hungry.

Sunday I sang at the last day of the Renaissance Festival, while the family had lunch at Worlds of Fun and then explored the damage. We took a lot more pictures, but didn’t try to do any cleanup. We were waiting until we got instructions from the adjuster.

On Monday we called the adjuster, who told us to get the tree removed, so the damage was visible to inspect, and then we got a call from the “independent adjuster”, who scheduled to visit us a week from Monday.

Somebody had stopped by on Sunday and dropped off his card about tree removal, so we called him Monday and arranged for him to take out the tree. He got that done Monday and Tuesday. He had a uniloader to pull the tree out, but it wasn’t strong enough, so he had to actually cut the tree out of the peak of the roof.  Then we got to see how deep the gas was — at least 2-3 beams into the end of the house.

To backtrack, KCPL’s outage map showed our outage as reported on Saturday, and early Monday it showed our outage as having a team assigned to repair it.  But it still took until 4 p.m. for the power to be restored. At that time we learned that our Google Fiber internet was out. It took until the end of the day Tuesday for the internet to be restored.

Once the tree was removed we got someone to tarp it all up, and are making contacts with potential contractors to discuss the repairs.  Of course, at this stage, we don’t know how much damage the adjuster will determine has been done, to know how much we can have bid to be taken care of.

We know we have a deck totally lost, wall damage, window damage, roof damage, losses in china and furniture, and a carpet so full of glass shards that I can’t see how we could ever walk barefoot on it in comfort again.

So, once again, enjoy the photos, and we will see how the story continues after the adjusters meeting.

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