Fitness Update: dangers of fitness

Another 70 miles this past week finished the October cycling mileage quota.

One run: a 5-mile back and forth on the Cliff Byway during a cool early morning.

One run-in with the side-view mirror of a delivery van. Wednesday I turned the corner on a yellow light, he went through the light when his light went green. There was no bike lane, he didn’t see me, and his right side mirror hit my left upper arm on the back of the tricep and along the inside side that wraps toward the bicep.

Fortunately it was a foldout mirror that gave and folded in. I stayed upright on the bicycle, and we both came to a stop about the same point on the road. Even with the mirror folding it gave me quite a whack that left this gloriously horrid-looking bruise, but the the x-ray at the doctor’s confirmed the bruise is all I got.


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