A Look Ahead, with a Look Back…

This week’s look ahead is going to be similarly ranging as was last week’s with not as many heavy items.

First, we have a look ahead, to the Songflower Concert I will be performing in a week from Friday. This is a two-for-one special: Songflower Chorale and William Baker Festival Singers in one concert!

A New Design-18

And now for the look behind:

This past week included Halloween. So here are some pictures from the AUMC Trunk or Treat on Sunday:


Finally the regular season at Worlds of Fun came to and end (summer and haunt), and below are the “final” all season meal plan stats:

Total Price Paid $497.44
Total Number of Meals 561
Total Retail $5,847.31
Average Price Per Meal $0.89
Total Drink Price 29.64
Total number of drinks 530
Total Retail $576.50
Average Price Per Drink $0.06

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