Clean up: the house, the refrigerator

Today’s task was getting the movables out of the addition, the “play room” that had its wall bashed in by the tree. But that put me in mind of our refrigerator, and the drawers on the bottom, and shelves in the door, stacked with items not getting used.

So we also cleaned out the shriveled or must apples, spoiled cheese, dried carrots, etc. Our compost bin got a windfall.

The playroom had a lot of loose items: papers that needed to be compressed for buring, toys to empty out of a toy chest, items strung here and there.

Getting the youth motivated to do those tasks was, shall we say, interesting.

But after that comes the heavy items.  The old sofa bed we are tossing out the door for the contractor to haul away, or to go in the city’s big item collection. It was the biggest and most used item. Not worth passing on to anyone, and won’t fit our planned redesign of use for the room.

But that leaves the empty toy chest, the half pew (a sample pew for salesmen — the ends are different showing different options{, the corner table, the folding dining room table that was my maternal grandmothers (it survived the tree, close as it was, thankfully for sentimental reasons), and the oversized lounge chair from the living room that has the dropped springs and needs some repairs (but still salvageable enough to not get rid off).

They all have to go somewhere. Somewhere else in the house, but where?

There isn’t a lot of room in the basement, and that is a long way.  Most of the items I am cramming into the office that is the connecting room between the main house and the play room, but it is a small room that probably won’t fit everything, especially since we never got it cleaned out and set up before this need to move all these items in.

I think the folding dining room table will end up in the living room. The pew will end up in the office. We already have our regular dining room table in the office, so whether we can get the corner table and the oversized lounge chair in the office as well.  I’m thinking the table gets the office, and the chair, well, we will find somewhere for it.




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