House Repairs: New Roof

As was mentioned in my last installment, the contractor raced against darkness to get the new roof deck up, but didn’t have enough time to get the roof felt on before fall of darkness.

The roofer was tentatively scheduled to arrive the next day (Friday), so the contractor started work on the next step in his process, by default expecting that the roofer would be there too early for him to finish the felt, and so would take care of laying the felt the contractor had purchashed.

But the roofer didn’t show up until Saturday, waiting to hear from the contractor that the roof was ready.  So I contacted the roofer and let him know. And when his crew arrived on Saturday, they fell to the felt with the same alacrity that they had three years ago when his crew put on the new roof for the road-facing section of the house.

The felt was done in no time, and the shingles went up just as fast. Before noon they were done.  Well, almost.  They had brought the amount of shingles based on the measurements the insurance adjuster had used in his calculations, and it was short. so they had to go get another bundle to finish.

But I can still stay, with all the confidence I did three years ago, if you want a roof done well, right, and on time, Cal-Mar Roofing Specialists is the way to go.


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