Road to Thesis: Conference Call

Well I turned in the first written assignment for the Master’s Thesis last night just before midnight: The One-Page Proposal.

This afternoon I got on a conference call with the lead professor and three other students to go over the professor’s notes and comments on our proposals.

I started my proposal by pulling the salient elements from by Literature Review I put together for the penultimate class last spring. It included this summary line:

In computer-mediated communications, how do contextual codings affect work productivity in the United States to India cross-cultural environment?

There were some issues we discussed about the project, which I cannot detail here because of work confidentiality, but when it got done, I found my root topic getting pointed in a different direction. Instead of a research paper, I will look at a best practices project.

The sketch is rough right now, but it would be more about creating training  modules to help businesses avoid pitfalls and establish best practices where computer-mediated communications is concerned.

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