Blog Schedule: Sabbatical Update

Greetings! Those of you who have followed this blog, for various reasons, may have seen the post I did in April 2016 when I established a regular schedule for the postings on various days of the week. You may also have noticed that my daily posting fell apart this February due to health and other issues that hit. On March 1 I announced the start of my Sabbatical. With the start of the Sabbatical I am going to amend and update the daily blog schedule:


So here is the schedule, flexible as it is:

  • Sunday: Great Hymns of the Faith — I am working my way through the hymn book of my childhood. I put up the text, and record and mp3 of me playing and singing (sometimes with other family members) the hymn.
  • Monday: Fitness Update — Discussion of my own fitness journey and goals through the year, with related fitness and personal reflections
  • Tuesday: Sabbatical update — Review and reflection of the activities of my Sabbatical.
  • Wednesday: Great Hymns of the Faith — Another installment of the series I mentioned on Sunday
  • Thursday: A Look Ahead. –– A list of interesting events going on and coming up that I know of and may be involved in.
  • Friday: A Blast of the Past — Putting up pictures from the family photo albums, with reflections on them and my file.
  • Saturday: Open Mic — The one day to write about anything. Perhaps the Sunday Paper Feature Page of the blog, only on Saturday.

Back in 2016 I mentioned WorldCon would be coming to town, and I would preempt the above schedule for a special series on the convention.  The schedule is always open to such interruptions for special features in the future.

As you can tell, I like doing series of posts with multiple entries, whether special features, or the regular ones shown above.  Hopefully you all enjoy the developing structure.

— Godspeed

(Note: The views expressed on this blog are mine, and are not to be seen as the views of any group or organization that I am associated with.)

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