Fitness Update: Schedules

So, today, I am going to talk about schedules. Rather, I am going to talk about the lack of them.

I keep on telling myself I am going to get back into running. The ribs are finally feeling mostly better, but the weather keeps popping up cold, wet, or both, which deters me from getting started. I also like to run early in the morning, but that conflicts with my need to exercise the dog via the bicycle in the morning.

So I have to figure a schedule at allows both the dog and running in the morning, or schedule the run at some other time of day that will work on a consistent basis. I’m not sure which.

Part of the scheduling issue is that there isn’t a regular to bed and to rise time. When other members of the house had a specific time to rise for work, I could sync myself with them. But now that no one has a specific daily time to do anything, it is hard to choose when to go to bed, and harder to rise early than it use to be.

So I just have to make a decision to select my own regular time, and not try to work around the other schedules. See if they will create schedules around mine, I guess. But either way, a schedule will help for workouts, and other general tasks.

So, this week’s fitness goal is to get sleep/waking schedules in place, or at least somewhat regular.

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