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Clay and Jackson County Zoo Days

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Well, today was a very busy day for my family.  We spent it at the Kansas City Zoo. As a resiident of Clay (or Jackson) County, we pay a special property tax to the Kansas City Zoo, and get the right to attend the zoo for free on certain days of the year as our benefit.  Currently we had a ticket good for any weekday in the month of April. So our family went today, and anyone in the two counties can take the ticket they got in the mail and get in for free for the remaining weekdays of this Month.

Worlds of Fun opens

Worlds of Fun will be opening for the season on April 21.

Songflower Chorale Spring Concert

April 29 the Songflower Chorale will be performing its next concert: Students and Teachers. With choral music by the masters as well as new music and contemporary pieces, there will be many moments to delight and inspire the listening audience.


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Please note: If anyone has events they think should be featured on this events list, please send me the information for my consideration and inclusion.

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