Sabbatical Update: Wasted effort

I mentioned yesterday on my fitness update that I was postponing my notes because I was going to write a post today that included and effect that was similarly impacting both by fitness and sabbatical progress.

And that same effect hit again today. Of course, I am also bewildered by all the people that “liked” yesterday’s post, and that started “following” me because of it. It makes even less sense.

Because the effect I wanted to describe is the plethora of interruptions and distractions that have to be dealt with in the “open” schedule.

Yesterday it was an afternoon scheduled for work on the Master’s degree that suddenly was spent wrestling with the administrator of my health insurance — who had communicated to all the insurance providers — medical, dental and vision — that my wife and children were no longer and insured, even though they were.

So after running interference at Dentist and Eye doctors to get appointments completed, the administrator said everything would be cleared up after  3-5 business days, and everyone could just resubmit their claims for processing.

Which led to today, and a schedule detour to the offices of a branch of the federal government that I will not name for personal privacy’s sake. But it is just one after another “one-in-a-million” events happening in sequence confounding the planned schedule.

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