Sabbatical Update: Lost and Found

All the sweeping and searching doesn’t always seem to find the lost Talent — at least sometimes not for a long time. I have two items, one still in transit, one that was just found — to illustrate this, either well or not.

I had bicycle goals and tracked all the miles daily with an online spreadsheet this year. Then on April 29 I posted my last to the spreadsheet. I had somehow lost the mobile portion of the odometer that I moved back and forth from the computer to the bike and back. Since it wasn’t on the bicycle for the past  month and a half, I have no idea how much cycling I have done.

Once I lost the tracking it changed how and what I did with the cycling.  I have been using it to steadily walk the dog in the morning, and I have used routes laid out on MapMyWalk to know where to go, which gave some mileage, but haven’t wrapped it back into my spreadsheet or a general plan.

Today I found that missing part, while pulling something out of my computer bag while upon a return from an external excursion with my laptop.  Now I can start tracking again, if I want to.  Trying to decide what to do.

I have a different item that I have lost more recently, yet to be found, my glasses. They are photo grays, both my regular and sun glasses.  Had ridden the bicycle with them last week and couldn’t find them after coming  back inside the house and taking them off.  Somehow I did not set them down in my prescribed places to locate later, and our scouring of various spots in the house has not located them.

Scour is actually the wrong word, since no one has actually cleaned anything during the search.  But they have to show up sooner or later. In the meantime I have gone back to wearing my old glasses with the earpiece that has fallen off on the left side, thus making it easy for them to slide off my ears.

The other piece for today’s blog is the below, start lisening about minute 8 to the end.  Perhaps the job I am looking for hasn’t been created yet, or is so new that few are aware of it to help me find it?

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