Sabbatical Update: Launch to LibertyCon

Well, The Sabbatical is reaching a mid-point. No, we are still way before the quantitative half point. But we have reached a point where certain things are wrapping, and already the conclusion needs to be given serious consideration.

The house has been put into shape, but the end clean-up still needs to be done.  All the yard projects are underway, but need to be brought up to snuff and completed.  The rooms are all in livable condition, but there are a few  more ceilings and walls to be painted or touched up. The stuff that we moved to the basement for later return, donation, or trash, need to be sorted and thus cleared out.

The family is launched from their prior statuses into future moving ones. The daughter has her first job, the wife a new one, I a temporary one, and the boy is done with school. The wife needs to find what she wants to do after the season, same for the girl. The boy just needs to find work.  But the family has gotten to a stage we wondered if we would make it to when the Sabbatical began.

The seasonal work is good for me, gives me more structure. I now need to use the rest of the time with structure to push the job search through to completion.

But before that, this coming weekend is LibertyCon in Chattanooga.  We will be there to enjoy the topics, and the people, make new friends and enjoy old. Since this is our second year we are hoping it will be a sort of family reunion.

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