Don’t mess with Pinky and the Brain

Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?
The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world

They’re Pinky and The Brain 
Yes, Pinky and The Brain 
One is a genius 
The other’s insane. 
They’re laboratory mice 
Their genes have been spliced 
They’re dinky 
They’re Pinky and The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain 
Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain 

Before each night is done 
Their plan will be unfurled 
By the dawning of the sun 
They’ll take over the world. 

They’re Pinky and The Brain 
Yes, Pinky and The Brain 
Their twilight campaign 
Is easy to explain. 
To prove their mousey worth 

They’ll overthrow the Earth 
They’re dinky 
They’re Pinky and The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain 
Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain 

They always say not to discuss Religion and Politics at work, or in polite society. What they forgot to mention, is don’t malign a favorite cartoon character/cultural icon in public either.

Actually, now that I think about it, they can discuss their trash talk politics all they want, and malign anyone i’m for, and that won’t really get me.  But don’t misuse my cartoon heroes.

My example is someone who has not disguised his concern and disdain over Trump as president, so when he made the below post to his social media site, I knew it wasn’t intended as a compliment:

Trump and the Brain…”What’re we going to do tonight, Brain?

Now I could care less about what he is meaning to say about Trump, but how dare malign Pinky so!

I am sure he is thinking of the line in the theme song:

One is a genius 
The other’s insane. 

And is thinking that Pinky is the insane one. But the astute follower of the show knows that this is really less clear than you would think. Why Pinky himself, in an online interview, when asked which was which, the genius and the insane, said: “Well we all know the answer to that!”

Which really means that it isn’t as obvious  as it seems. Why do Brain’s schemes always crash, and Pinky’s almost succeed until Brain goofs them up? Sure, Brain has all the knowledge, but when you watch closely, Pinky is the one who really understands things.

So I decided to try to gently make them reflect on the positive nature of Pinky when I responded:

I am glad to see you are finally mellowing on Trump. To make him the likable, companionable, genius sidekick that saves the world from domination by an insane lunatic each night.

The reply was “umm”

Others followed his comment by saying the Brain was Russia. By that score, I would see Trump as the best friend of Russia that prevents them from taking over the world each night.  What a win-win political scenario!

No, you just can’t mess with, or try to twist Pinky and the Brain. Its like when the bully tried to pick a fight we me on the school bus back in fifth grade. He expected a quick fold on my part, not that the awkward windmilling, peaceful farm boy would put him quickly to tears. Neither did the bus driver, who was ready to let me get whooped, but not him.

Oh, its fun to talk politics, but don’t get yourself in a knot over them. While important, the metaphors of real life, like our cartoon heroes, are much more important to defend.


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