Fitness Update: Bacon to lower cholesterol

I can remember the first cholesterol screening I had — at least the one I was aware of receiving and given the numbers for.

It was back in my 20s and I was working for The Corning Leader.  My number was like 106 and the news editor Mark got a high number on his screening.  He asked me what you do to get such a good number.

I rattled off my usual  breakfast of the time, bacon, eggs, etc.,  “I can’t eat all that”. He said.

“Mark” I said, those are the things you are NOT supposed to eat, and I eat them, and still have low cholesterol.”

When discussing fitness, there is always the nature/nurture process going on.  One can go all the “right” nurture things but the nature just isn’t the one to respond. One can also glide along on the nature thing, giving oneself credit for them as if they were items you have nurtured.

I think about that recently as I look at my stage of life, and the ups and downs of my fitness activities, and how I still manage to glide through so many things.  I can’t take credit for my nature portion, but I can learn the most about myself, and what things nurture me best, not what nurtures the “average” person.

Fat and greens seem to be a fairly important diet item for me, along with protein.  Those grains and carbs, well, they come along for the ride, but don’t need to be sought, apparently.

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