Fitness Update: Weekdays resume.

Okay, so in these fitness updates I keep avoiding the workout information that was their core for such a long time, and start finding peripheral causes and topics to talk about.

All of those topics are important, whether core or not, but part of their use is to give space to figure out how to reorganize the workout routine.

There is a way where being physically fit helps everything in life get better.  There is a way in which the workout routines get in the way of all the other things one needs to do to make life interact with the important people in life.

Getting up early takes time away from the “being there” with the spouse, for example, which has proven a very important part of keeping things stable during this Sabbatical year.

So I haven’t gotten up early to workout as much as previously.

The varied work schedule in the family has also rearranged, on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis the flow of the household.  This made it hard to put other things on a schedule.

But I need to find a regular schedule for everything.

So now that my seasonal job is weekends only, I need to establish a regular week-day schedule to put everything back in place.


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