A Blast of the Past #153: Disneyworld Chapter 6

The last day of our trip was done as the smaller group, with the New York delegation heading out ahead of us. We retouched areas of the Magic Kingdom that we had missed, experienced moments of heraldry and fantasy, and recreated a moment gone by with a different cast.

Actually, let me give you those two pictures first, and then the usual blast of pictures.

Back in 2007 my children had their first visit to Disneyworld.  They and their cousins were in Florida for a family funeral, and we had time to take one day out to visit Orlando.  It was a whirlwind day, we only did the Magic Kingdom, and expected to leave mid-afternoon when the kids got cranky.  Instead we stayed to close and the kids never got cranky.  The only tears were shed on the way back when our daughter realized how long it would probably be before she got back. Those were comforted easily then.

And the trip I have been showing in these six installments was that next time for them. During the 2007 trip the five cousins posed on Tom Sawyer Island by a ship’s bridge. During he 2012 trip I had our to pose at the same spot for comparison.  And here it is:


The difference of five, almost six, years, is obvious, as is the change of cast. I wonder if we ever will be able to assemble the original five in that same spot for the same pose…

Anyway, here is the sword and the stone, Alice in Wonderland, and all the magic of Mickey and the Magic Kingdom, on the last day in 2012

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