Winds of Change … a virtual storm

A year ago, take a few days, I started blogging about the winds of change, literal winds, that had pulled down a tree in Kansas City’s Cooley Park and sent it through our back wall. Some $30K of damage, excellent insurance coverage and superb help from our general contractor Derick Defreece, we completed a year where we basically remodelled and repurposed our 2,000 square foot home so we know utilize most of the 2,000 square feet instead of the maybe 1,200 we were using before.

But now, about three weeks ago, we hit another wind of change, a virtual one.  This actually makes it probably the third wind of change — the second one being my sabbatical year and let go from State Street Bank which occurred in March. I had been blogging about that, but have pretty much decided now to put that on a back burner, and see if i can get back to regular blogging again. The blogging got interrupted somewhat during the upturn of the sabbatical, but in the past three weeks has been overwhelmed by the third wind of change, the virtual one.  So I am going to interrupt my regular schedule with reports on the winds of change — particularly the third.

Identity Theft and Fraud. I had all my stuff stolen on Sept. 22. I am not going to give anyone a straight layout of the details here on the blog, I am not going back and recording it chronologically, but I am going to feature various vignettes of things going on, with occasional references to previous facts and history.

In particular, I will start with today.  Betsy’s hope to the contrary, we still haven’t managed to close enough holes to make them give up yet. Today I received a notice from the United States Postal Service that a change of address request has been made to forward my mail from where I currently reside.  I assume this would allow them to have copies of my credit cards and other documentation sent to them, perhaps even purchase items.

Since the theft of my ID was in Overland Park, KS, and not where I live in Kansas City, MO, it has made any attempts to stop it difficult. The officer in OPKS has been helpful, but the jurisdicitonal issues of different cities and counties in Kansas, and then the jump between to states, makes our area one good for savvy fraudsters to use.

I just got off the phone with the USPS call center, and talked to a very compent Darcia who filed a case with the USPS.  I still don’t have any clue as to what address they were attempting to forward my mail to. Which could be really helpful in the apprehension and prosecution of the perpetrators.

From Darcia I learned that they put in a request for Oct. 12 to Nov. 28, so if I caught it correctly, it wasn’t a permanent forward. Which is even more curious. So now I am off to file reports with teh KCMO police department and visit my local post office for anything further I can do there.


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