Three Quarters of a Score Years Ago …

Is another way to say 15 years.

And 15 years ago this past Thursday we moved into our current house. The house that was to be our 30-year house. And now we are already halfway through that 30 years.

The 15th years was the year of renovation. When the tree knocked in the back wall and the insurance calculated 30K in damages, we began a process that renovated and revitalized our use of the house.

So today we celebrated the occasion by having lunch at Cinzetti’s Restaurant, and then coming home and cleaning the gutters and power washing the siding. We even cleaned part of the neighbor’s gutters, since we had the ladder out and it was visible to see.

And AB May came by for a free plumbing inspection, and ended up scheduling to visit tomorrow to fix a leaking saddle joint that needs to be repaired  before it  bursts and floods our crawl space.

With the renovation we are moving forward into other changes.  We are removing outdated and unused pipes and wiring in the basement to simplify the visible utility infrastructure. Who knows, we might eventually get the house rewired, in whole or in part, to a safer standard. (I can dream, can’t I?)

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