Miscellaneous Paint

Every type of job needs its own type of paint.

In looking at the house, I thought it would be good to paint lanes in our driveway, marking where it is okay for people to park, and the no parking zones needed to ensure we and the neighbors who share our driveway, can always get out of our garages.

But what type of paint is it? My online reseach goes into sealants, like the driveway probably needs to be sealed. But then you have to get a paint that can bond to the sealant on the driveway. Not sure my online research makes that very clear.

Looking at our basement, I want to clean the stone foundation on the inside, and paint it in some cheery, slightly neutral, light-enhancing color. But to do that it looks like we should do a deep clean of the stones for mold and mildew, and then prime, and then 2 or 3 more coats of paint to have the walls properly paintend and treated for moisture.

Hopefully going to the Home Depot, or Loew’s will find someone able to give us a good instruction on this.

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