At The Rainbow

I have been reeling a lot lately, most of the past 3 years, but especially since last Thanksgiving. I just find it hard to accept, to believe the things that I see people saying and doing, especially the things about and toward me.

It is why I have been thinking a lot about Noah’s Container, also called Noah’s Box. Oh yes, you think of it as his Ark. But all an ark is is a box or container. We think of it as a boat. But was it a boat?

But I digress. I have been thinking more about the Rainbow. It was God’s promise after the deluge that permanently separated the before and after for Noah and his family. No going back. I have reached a no going back moment. My world can not be what it was ever again. I am stepping out of the container to face my Brave New World.

Thus I am announcing today that I have Named my Residence. It will be known as “At The Rainbow.” I have changed the name of the blog here to “At-The-Rainbow” and will be revising and expanding several features and sections.

This will be slow. I am still reeling. After all, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker announced to a social group I am a part of that “I am concerned with his attitiude in the light of the events around the recent mass shootings.” and then signed it with her professional credentials. An obvious violations of my hipaa rights, if your rights can be violated when the information is made up and false but presented as real. It has the same impact on my life. So is it a violation?

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