In the beginning was … Michael Dunlap (?)

What does inexcusable mean? As I see it if somebody cause and actionto be inexcusable they’re basically saying it is unforgivable.

Rev. Dunlap has declared a certain action of mine during a recent service as inexcusable, thus unforgivable. This shows that he has a very poor conception of the “grace that is greater than all our sins.”

I have been trying to extendt that Grace to him ever since that event but he refuses to receive or kacknowledge it, and until he does he will miss out on the gift of compassion being extended to him.

I admit that my actions that day discomfited him. Whether it was right or wrong for me to discomfort him depends on why I did it and how I did it.

That he instantly declared it inexcusable without consideration of the circumstances shows me that he is one that needs to be discomfited. He needs someone speaking truth to his power, since he has proven himself incapable of listening.

He needs to surrender his gravitas of having to be the one that knows, and have the courage and levity to listen and believe. His speaking it does not make something so.

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