Status Report Triplicate

Today’s post is analogous to what on other blogs they might call the state of the author, or the state of the writer, except that we don’t specifically have an author or writer, so the status is of similar things related to At The Rainbow.

Singlet: The Blog

Well, today I got the blog to show “At The Rainbow” and the tagline “Let’s Pool Our Ignorance” with the color swipe behind them across the top of the page. For the past few days I got the color swipe to go across the top of the page, instead of halfway, but at the cost of losing both the title and tagline. one step forward two steps back into two steps forward, for a total of one step forward: Title and tagline with full-width color swipe.

Duplicate: The Property

The At The Rainbow Campus is embroiled in legal challenges. For those who remember my comments at the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022 I hoped for less legal wrangling, most of them with the criminal courts. That was achieved, not perfectly, but lessened. But the end of 2022 which will role over into 2023 is going to have at least one civil case for legal issues for the year.

And it has nothing to do about the rainbow itself, though I think that the other party involved has missed the point that At The Rainbow follows the Genesis 9:13 tradition and not the Gay Pride tradition. I wonder if the other party might be anti-Gay.

But the key note is a question of borders and adverse possession. Of surveys and easements versus actual usage. They have borders and surveys and easements. We have adverse possession and easements and actual usage. So they began with lawyers, and since they set the examples, we are looking to follow with same.

Triplicate: My Personas

I am a creative amalgamation of a multitude of well interlocking personas that adapts well with the flow of most situations. This is different that schizophrenia, or multi-personality disorders. This is one personality, well-integrated, expressing itself through various personas that meet the needs of each social situation.

The personas themselves are amalgamations of various attributes and character traits that make up the essence of ME. The higher level personas may even be made up of an amalgamation of lower level personas plus attributes and traits. Personas grow and evolve over time, they can also languish, atrophy or die.

For me many of these personas have names. The Persona that most people know as My Legal Name, My key persona, had for years been “The Author/Writer”. Upon the strength of that Persona I blogged daily for several years. Then at the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 that persona took several psychic hits, hits to my traits and perception of self. All of this was toppled by a statement by the in-laws about concentrating on more important things and not the frivolous writing. The Author/Writer came back a few times, but ultimately died. Not that I couldn’t write, but not from the same core of persona.

I have tried and tried to get blogging and writing back to a regular basis in the past three years, but it has been a struggle, it isn’t the same. Jasini has suggested I will find it back again, that it didn’t die. But to me it died, and I a building a new persona from the core elements that remain, and added new ones, but it is different.

Before the death of the first Writer, and still continuing now, has come the emergence of another persona, one I call the Editor. The Editor is not chiefly about writing, but about taking the elements around me, whether a group project, or multiple tasks I have to do, and finding a way to weave them into a coherent project and goal. With groups it is about making all the contributions, all the contributors, recognize their value to the project, while making everything more than the sum of the parts.

The Editor is still trying to figure out how to put together a new persona that can inherit the writer’s roles while being something else of its own. My arrival at At The Rainbow is part of that process, a new platform to explore and share the timeless around us. And in the process help myself and others to become whole again, this side of the divide that was the Covidiocy.

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