Don’t take the wrong responsibility

In the events that caused many of the unexpected hardships for me and my family in the past 3 years, whenever I mention an outside factor as contributor, sooner or later I hear someone’s voice saying “You need to take responsibility yourself, stop blaming others, your actions caused all these problems you are having.”

The need to take responsibility in each circumstance is certainly a good point. But that each of these events was my fault is not. I have heard the other side in several of them blame me, and take no responsibility, am I to always be responsible and the other side gets off? Nae, each of us is responsible for the things we control, and how we respond to the things we cannot control.

This sort of unfair demand on me to be responsible but free my counterparty of the same requirement seems to be a lifelong curse that I suffer. I have suffered it since childhood, when one childhood acquaintance my siblings and I knew, where when our family visited her family, we always did what she wanted, because we were the guests. When her family visited ours, we always did what she wanted, because she was the guest.

So I will not accept responsibility for all the nasty things that have happened to me, that people have done to me. I will only be responsible for how I responded, which wasn’t always the best. But it isn’t my fault, my responsibility that a mental health worker abused her position to brand me with mental instability, thus losing me gainful employment and an investment of over 20 years with a musical group. Trying to make her be held accountable for those actions is not mean nor vindictive, as one person suggested, threatening her livelihood. Again, someone can take my livelihood, but if I merely suggest that due process be followed to investigate her illegalities, that is vindictive.

All right, I don’t feel any rancor or hate, any need to strike back, but if my attempts are vindictive, so be it. That she should get away with it once, means that she may try it again. For that matter, I don’t know that I am number one, I could be one of two, or many. But either way, the series, whether short or long, must not continue. I do harm to others if I absolve myself of the attempt to have her actions properly censured by her professional peers and regulatory boards.

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