• Politicians and their children are a class apart.

    Politicians and their children are a class apart. I normally wouldn’t plan on doing two blogs in a row on the same topic, but I was doing my usual scan of the day’s news stories, and ran across the story about Gov. Christie’s comments which I am using as the root for this blog. The […]

  • Talk about a misleading headline….

    Talk about a misleading headline…. A friend and former coworker of mine recently has been pasting and posting a lot of pro gun-control links and posts on her Facebook page.  I have remained very quiet and not responded to any of them.  But when she posted this link, I was so shocked, and not in […]

  • Transit Thoughts #1 – Close Calls

    Well, I got the idea for this blog about 7:20 this morning, but by 3 p.m., when my beautiful bride called me, it took a sudden turn, my original anecdote having lost to a more dramatic one. I’ve been thinking for some time that I want to do periodic blogs on transportation, more particularly on […]

  • The Campaigner in Chief

    Well, as the fiscal cliff looms, it appears that the Campaigner-in-Chief is showing what he means by working out a bi-partisan compromise. Do we find him sitting in a room with the House Republicans discussing options? No. We find him meeting with business leaders in press-conference type sessions, making pronouncements about what the Republicans should […]

  • Suffrage is overrated

    I’m reading the book  “Theodore Roosevelt’s History of the United States” by Daniel Ruddy. In the book Ruddy takes direct quotes from the plentiful historical writings of TR to create a general history of the USA.  In the section on James Madison I ran across this interesting quote (italics mine): “He did not believe that […]

  • Reflections on Hostess

    Well, we didn’t get there soon enough — not a Twinkie was in sight by the time we reached the Hostess outlet this morning. The parking lot was full, and the store had plenty of people, but not much merchandise. Seems a lot of people had the same idea, to see what was available before […]

  • “Don’t Boo, Vote, Voting is the Best Revenge”

    Definition of REVENGE 1 : to avenge (as oneself) usually by retaliating in kind or degree 2 : to inflict injury in return for <revenge an insult> Pardon me for taking the above comment personally, but what have we, the supporters of Mitt Romney, done, that requires someone to take revenge upon us? For that is the context and intent […]

  • Dog Weekend Warrior, Part 2

    Well, it seems like the dog is into setting new speed records. 22.2 MPH today.  I think these weekend workouts might just be improving his fitness.  We averaged 7.9 MPH on a 1.444 mile course over 10:58 minutes, not counting pauses to sniff things, or stops to gaze at two cats we wanted to chase, […]

  • Democrats Support The Public Good

    I’ve seen the above bumper sticker many times in the church parking lot, but it didn’t spur the below blog idea until I saw the same bumper sticker on a car this morning while driving between Sherwin Williams stores to find the store that had the type of stain I needed to prepare the front […]

  • Weekend Dog Warrior

    Well, here are the stats on this morning’s dog run. Rocky knows when its Saturday, and once I’ve come down the stairs from the bedroom he is hyper and unstoppable until I’m ready to take him for our weekend run with the bicycle. Today we hit a new top speed of 21.7 MPH during our […]