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  • Jesus Shall Reign

    The Lord is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! Thus goes the traditional Easter greeting, an affirmation of the central tenant of Christianity, the truth of which, were it not true, we would be “of all men, most miserable” as the Apostle Paul noted to the Corinthians. But this Easter we were not miserable, even if, […]

  • A Look Ahead: Easter is Not A Memorial Day

    As I write this look ahead post we are in the heart of what Christians call Holy Week. As such I encourage everyone to attend the services available to them. Below I will list the ones relevant to myself and the fellowship I attend. But before I list those, and the other upcoming events, I […]

  • A Look Ahead …

    In this spring of the year (just arriveid), Day 22 of my Sabbatical year, the social calendar seems somewhat slow in the immediate future. So I am going to use this weekly feature to build an event listing, of events I know and think worthy, many of which I am attending, others I won’t be […]

  • A Blast of the Past #82: Easter Fun 2007

    Or so I presume. Looking at these there must have been some Easter Egg hunt with bouncy house around that we went to, and face painting.

  • The Lord Is Risen!

    HE IS RISEN INDEED! Such is the traditional Easter Greeting. Today being Easter, I am taking some time off from my journey through the Hymnbook feature to put up some Easter-themed music.  The first clip is actually from our Maundy Thursday church cantata. My son is the narrator, and the choir sings under the direction […]

  • A Blast of the Past #19: Easter through the years

    I came across these first couple of Easter pictures from 1998 and thought they were so cute, but I really didn’t have enough with them alone to warrant a blog: So I decided to pick out photos from Easter through the years to augment the story. Quite interesting what years we took pictures, what ones […]

  • In Praise of the Easter Egg Hunt — and the Easter Bunny

    In Praise of the Easter Egg Hunt — and the Easter Bunny

    Yesterday I wrote a post about the Hope of Easter.  In it I talked about having seen Rise of the Guardians for the first time, and how I thought it was a great movie, even if it did take creative liberties with the childhood myths of the “guardians” that were part of the movie plot. […]

  • The Hope of Easter

    The Hope of Easter

    “Easter is new beginnings. New life. Easter’s about hope, and now, it’s gone.” E. Aster Bunnymund, Rise of the Guardians. I watched Rise of the Guardians for the first time Saturday night. An excellent movie plot — if you don’t mind its rerendering of the stories of some of the childhood myths. It tells some […]

  • The Lord is Risen!

    For those who don’t know (I didn’t until I went to college), the traditional Easter greeting is: The Lord is Risen! To which the traditional reply is: He is Risen Indeed! Today’s post is going to be that greeting to all.  That and this clip or our choir anthem for today: Risen Indeed!

  • Holidays in Comparison

    Well, tonight is the night — New Year’s Eve.  Ho Hum. Had a conversation last night with my in-laws’ German exchange student about what people were planning for New Year’s Eve, what were the foods people eat in America on New Year’s etc. Was an interesting question, seeing I had been mulling this column for […]