The Lord Is Risen!


Such is the traditional Easter Greeting.

Today being Easter, I am taking some time off from my journey through the Hymnbook feature to put up some Easter-themed music.  The first clip is actually from our Maundy Thursday church cantata. My son is the narrator, and the choir sings under the direction of Aaron Redburn and John Livingston. The Cantata had music through Easter, but we stopped with Good Friday music.

Easter services started with a Processional on Hallelujah, a joint effort of the youth chime choir and the adult bell choir. It was an impressive and resounding pealing declaration of the resurrection:

The service also featured the church orchestra, which comes together for special services and celebrations.  Besides accompanying the hymns, they also did an anthem arrangement of Crown Him:

And not to be left out, the cathedral choir closed out the service with a performance of the Hallelujah Chorus:

Interspersed within both services was an excellent sermon by Rev. Kwon on two empty tombs, and how they gave evidence to the Resurrection.

The Lord is Risen!

He is risen Indeed!

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