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  • Top of the Ticket

    FOR PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT (VOTE FOR ONE) “A VOTE FOR CANDIDATES FOR PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT IS A VOTE FOR THEIR ELECTORS.” (Pending certification pursuant to section 115.399)   HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON                                                                                                            (Dem) TIMOTHY MICHAEL KAINE   DONALD J. TRUMP                                                                                                                                 (Rep) MICHAEL R. PENCE   GARY JOHNSON                                                                                                                                     (Lib) BILL WELD   DARRELL L. CASTLE                                                                                                                             […]

  • Presidential Candidate Health: The Untold Story

    Today in the breakroom at work I walked in to see a “Breaking News” banner across the television: “Clinton say Trump should release tax returns.” Later I walked in with different “Breaking News”: Trump: “I’ve always had good blood pressure.” Where can you find a real issue in this campaign? Yes, I know it came […]