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  • A Blast of the Past #109: Houghton Reunion

    Our next look into the past is our 20th reunion at Houghton College.  It took place in our 21st year after graduation.  We almost didn’t have this reunion. Initially we were part of something called “cluster reunions” where adjacent years were grouped together in reunions. It was a good idea; a chance to meet friends […]

  • A Blast of the Past #21: College Reunion

    I wrote a blog post about ten years before the reunion that is the subject of today’s post. For this is the 10-year reunion. At graduation I had no idea where I was headed. At the five-year reunion I saw many people who were couples, and I was single. Yet my college sweetheart (we did […]

  • A Blast of the Past #7 — Senior Skip

    In my day, at least, there was a traditional “senior skip” excursion by the seniors before graduation. But as someone noted, we students at Houghton didn’t actually skip any classes. We just took off between the end of finals and the beginning of the graduation weekend. Some complained that if it was senior skip, we should […]

  • A Blast of the Past #3 — Can You Count

    More photos from my college days. Birthday photos. The question is which birthday? Do these photos come from the same birthday or different birthdays? You see, my birthday always fell right around the end of the second semester, usually in the break between the end of semester and finals week. So according to these pictures, […]

  • A Blast of the Past — my past this time

    Yesterday I featured photos from a 23-year-old photo album. They were from my wife’s photo album, events I didn’t experience. Today I started on an album from my own life. These pictures come from my original college days about 28 years ago. They were an assortment of events. And though I had experienced them all, […]

  • Houghton College — Founder’s Day 2013

    Quick blog at end of a long first day of Homecoming weekend. Day started out with Founder’s Day chapel.  I could say a lot about the excellent chapel speaker (and he was good), but I won’t. As many blogs, I’ll make comments on the minutia of things. The Houghton College Choir sang at chapel.  As […]

  • Accepting Compliments

    Today I sang special music in church again — both services — and received the usual shower of applause and compliments afterwards.  To each compliment I gave a warm smile and a thank you, and to the applause I gave a bow of acknowledgement before moving aside to let the order of the service resume. […]

  • Houghton College Retrospective #4: College Choir, Freshman Year

    (Clip of the choir’s featured piece during the 1984-85 season, under the direction of Dr. Brown. Go ahead and play while you read the rest. It will probably still be playing after you get done reading.) It may be surprising to many that I, born and raised in New York State, had never been to […]

  • Houghton College Retrospective #2: Roommates

      (Note: This blog walks a very fine line of compassionate perspective in writing versus being very truthful with my impressions from the period 29 years ago) How many of you remember filling out the survey before freshman year to help the college line you up with a compatible roommate in the dorm? I don’t […]

  • Houghton College Retrospective #1: Intoduction and answer to “why I went to Houghton College”

    It is hard to believe that I graduated from college 25 years ago. Yet as I look around at my life, enough has certainly gone on between now and then for it to be a fact. My college reunion is going to be in October during Homecoming Weekend.  So perhaps now is a good time […]