A Blast of the Past #109: Houghton Reunion

Our next look into the past is our 20th reunion at Houghton College.  It took place in our 21st year after graduation.  We almost didn’t have this reunion. Initially we were part of something called “cluster reunions” where adjacent years were grouped together in reunions.

It was a good idea; a chance to meet friends from other nearby classes as well as those of one’s own. And so our 20th year went by, but when our 21th year, our cluster was to occur, the planners had suddenly changed and gone back to the regular type of reunions. If we hadn’t written in and asked, we never would have had a reunion at all.

And without that reunion, we never would have gotten our look at Houghton’s then-new president, Shirley Mullen. She impressed us, and though I have heard mixed reviews from various sources, overall I still find Houghton’s choice of president good.

So here are the reunion photos:

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