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  • Fitness Update: Progress Series Recap

    Fitness Update: Progress Series Recap

    Last week was somewhat of a respite from fitness goals. After the final race of the Progress Series, weather and buildup called for a more relaxed approach. So this week’s fitness post will look at the Progress Series, and do a bit of retrospective on the series as a whole. The series garnered me 5 […]

  • Fitness Update: Northland Half and 5K

    Sunday was the final race of the Northland Progress Series sponsored by The Running Well Store. Perhaps next week I will do a post on the series as a whole, if something else doesn’t come up of more topical interest. Today, however, I am going to concentrate on this week, and specifically the half marathon. […]

  • Fitness Update: Progress Series, Race #1

    This week’s fitness update will have a few notes of the standard, and a lengthier report of the first race in the Progress Series of four races (sponsored by the Running Well Store). To quickly go through the stats: No swimming yet (hand still in splint — seeing doctor today to update that status); running […]

  • Fitness Update: Goal achieved

    Well, One of my annual goals was completed this past week. By adding two more runs to my total during the week, I reached the 52 for the year: I have run a 5K distance or greater 52 ┬átimes this year. This doesn’t mean I will stop running. It just shows I didn’t know what […]